Looking to join?

Why Pole Dance?

Pole Dance has been steadily gaining in popularity as so many people have been realising their potential and seeing results. During the Pole Dance class you can burn over 400 calories within an hour and once you start getting into the intermediate and advanced it's over 700!  

One of the biggest advantages of Pole Dancing is an amazing sense self-confidence that it gives you!  We are also surrounded by a Pole Dance community online and in real life.  It's one of the most supportive groups that you’ll find!  Many many people meet new friends and we are a class have social events throughout the year.
So why not give it a try? If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!

What happens in a lesson & what will I learn?

First you'll be led through a warm up together as a class to get you ready. Once we are nicely warmed up we'll begin.  
The first 15 minutes of the lesson is where we teach a new steps, spin,  trick or combination to all levels.
We then help each individual student with what it is they are working towards: climbing, inverting or any move we've taught that they need more help with. 
Next we piece together the new move we've learnt to good music.  We all practise, help each other and learn new things every week.  
There's time for a few photos then a cool down and finish. 
**We don't count steps.  You do not need to be strong to attend.  We adapt everything to all levels.  100% do not need any background in dance, gym or upper body strength but this is where you'll learn it whilst having fun. 

What to bring & What to wear

Come in your clothes ready to get warmed up.  Vest, shorts or leggings. If you are nervous about wearing shorts, feel free to wear leggings, we will need the skin grip in future and will progress to shorts.

🧴 Don’t use moisturiser on the day, this will make you very slippery and the pole.
💍 Leave your jewellery at home.
💦 Bottle of water juice / flannel for you to wipe hands, face or pole.
👠 Heels to dance in is you have some,  you can join without.
Feel free to check out our clothing range here.

Where to find us?  

We are located at Ariel Studios,  First Floor,   Unit 5 Stafford Close, Leacon Road, Ashford, Kent TN23 4TT 

How to book in to class?

Everyone attending Ariel Studios must be booked in advance.

You can book in to a Show Around here.  This is where we'll show you around and answer any questions you may have prior to attending classes.

You can book into a taster sessions that are just £5 to see if pole dancing is for you, here.  If you cannot see a taster session on the timetable please email us with your availability and we'll send you a link to book in.

You can book into classes here.

You can book into Practice Sessions here (included in Pole & Practice and True Poler For Life memberships.

We have a members app,  you can download the "TeamUp Members" app and BOOK now.

Read the latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) studio rules and guidelines HERE  

Download the Pineapple LIVE app on the Apple app store Download the Pineapple LIVE app on the Android app store


Complete beginners to advanced polers welcome,  if you have any questions drop us a message hello@arielstudios.co.uk

Our memberships start from £45per month.  

3 simple memberships to choose from:

Just Dance: A class every week with the flexibility to choose your instructor, regardless if it’s a 4 or 5 week month. 

Pole & Practise: 6 sessions per month, just choose between an instructed class or practice sessions. 

True Poler for Life: 8 sessions per month,  simply choose between  instructed classes or practice sessions.

Please note: Practice sessions are available from 9.30 to 2.30 Monday to Friday.   

Access to Ariel Studios warm-up, spin and dance videos using our app or big screen on practice sessions brings an exciting new element to your training and skills giving you the opportunity to learn new tricks.

Ariel Studios member benefits: 

Flexibility: Take your classes at any time within the month,  this could be 4 in a week or 1 a week, it's entirely up to you and your schedule.  

PLUS 25% off for members: 1-2-1 lessons, Ariel Studios workshops,  Sexy Sundays and exclusive use of the studio.


Lighting to make you feel and look great.

You can browse all of our membership options here  They vary from one class a week, to two classes a week available Monday to Thursday 6pm & 7:15pm, daytime classes by request, alternate Saturdays PLUS time for you to train Mon-Thurs 10am-2pm and alternative Saturdays.

Our class timetable: