Phil Darko Photoshoot 24th April

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We are so excited to host Phil Darko of A Darko Image Sunday 24th April.  He is relaxed, helpful, calm, experienced photographer who is very good at capturing all levels of pole from beginner poses through to advanced moves.  Beginners are his favourite to work with 💜.  Both Roxy and I (Hef) have shot with him in the past and those images are from the beginning of our journey.  It feels perfect to have him shot you’ll too.  

There are 8 spaces available please purchase either paying a deposit or in full to secure your space. 

You will have a 30minute shoot with 5 edited images.  £10 per edition also edit (sometimes it’s so hard to choose which photos to get, this gives you the option to add more if you’d like) 

Check out his work here:

*Full payment and deposits are all non refundable,  you are welcome to sell your space on the shoot to another poler if for any reason you’re unable to attend. 

*Timeslots will be confirmed as soon as possible, if you have a preference on the date please let me know.